Life lately – Fynnlee

Oh…hi there.

So what’s new and exciting with everyone’s favorite Squish?

Let’s start off discussing sleep. We spent most of the last 6 weeks waking up with little Miss at 4:00 am. And then right after the new year, she magically started sleeping until 5:15/5:30. It. Was. Bliss. Note how I said…WAS. We had 4 or 5 days of solid sleep and then she got sick. Sick as in 105.8 degree temperature, taken to Children’s hospital kinda sick. (more on all of this in a minute). It took 4 days for her to feel better but we were back to crappy sleep. The last few days have been 4 am wake ups. Fiddlesticks.

She takes a solid 2+ hour nap at school but the weekends are kind of all over the place. She fights sleep HARD and no matter how tired, FOMO is so much stronger than exhaustion. I took to driving her around for 2 hours one day just so she would get some much needed rest. I guess you don’t get two kids that are good sleepers.

Or good eaters. Fynnlee remains pretty picky. She eats her yogurt and fruit every morning like a champ. And she’s 50/50 on the school’s lunches. But dinner is generally a crapshoot. I never know what she’s gonna eat and what she’s going to feed to Jacob. It’s still frustrating and it still hurts my feelings but she’s clearly not starving so I should just roll with it, right? Easy for YOU to say.

Her vocabulary is moving right along. She has full blown conversations with herself and I’m getting better at catching some of what she’s saying. It’s like listening to someone speaking French. I pick up certain words here and there but for the most part, I’m lost. Her new favorite word is Yep and she’s also pretty fond of Oh My. But the cutest thing by far is when she (or Greyson) says Please. It sounds like Peas and I’ll pretty much give them anything they want if they just ask nicely.

Tantrums continue to be legendary. It’s best just to let them ride. I give her a few minutes then get down to her level and ask her to play. 9 times out of 10 she’s giggling within 30 seconds. And her giggle…oh my. It makes my heart explode! She thinks I’m pretty funny too so I get to hear that sweet sound a lot.

So back to her illness…

Our whole house pretty much had the stomach flu over the holidays. It started with Greyson and worked it’s way through all of the adults (except me). Fynnlee was spared but on Wednesday of last week, she came down with a fever of 102 and had to stay home from school. Jarrad & I tag teamed Thursday and she seemed OK. Still feverish but she was playing and in a decent mood. She woke up crying Thursday night and when I picked her up, she was on fire. I took her temperature and almost passed out when I saw the thermometer hit 105.8. Jarrad and I both recall being told that a temp of above 105 will basically fry a little brain and cause brain damage and after a call to our pediatricians after hours number, he took her to Children’s Hospital ER.

Long story short, it was just a virus that had to run it’s course. We got some Tylenol to put where the sun don’t shine because Fynn is the worst medicine taker in the history of ever. And I stayed home all day Friday to snuggle my baby, who was 100% better by Sunday morning.

Note: A temp over 105 will not fry your baby’s brain. The body will eventually regulate it’s temp but a fever that high is usually the sign that something serious is going on. And an ice cold bath will not only NOT bring a fever down, it will make your sick baby miserable. Sorry about that one, Fynnlee

We’re working on getting her to brush her teeth (she kind of hates it) but this little Squish has been peeing on the potty everyday for the last two weeks! Now THAT is exciting stuff.

She also has a full set of teeth. She’s in size 24 months/2T, Size 6 shoe and size 5 diaper.

Life with this little girl is certainly never boring!

Life lately – Greyson

Lovebug is 20.5 months old. Sit with that little fact for a second.

I feel like so much has happened since my last update. Like his language has exploded! All of a sudden he can say like 20 words. He was drinking his sippy of milk last night and handed the bottle to me and said “All done”. Then he looked at his pacifier on the table and said “Bink Bink”. It’s bizarrely cool that my toddler is full-on communicating with us now.

He also follows directions really well. I’ll ask him to pick something up off the floor and bring it to me. And he does it! And then we act like he just performed brain surgery…”THANK YOU GREYSON! What a good little helper you are!” and he delights in all the high fives.

He’s a lover of life, this kid. He’s still uber happy 90% of the time.

But hooboy, that 10% is becoming…interesting. Tantrums have started (nothing that quite rivals his sister yet, thank goodness!) and he’s started throwing things when he’s angry. He has definite opinions on what he wants to do and you absolutely cannot make him without brute force.

He’s mastered the head shake and a very firm NO.

He is also going through a bit of a whiny, needy phase too. He wants me to hold him a lot of the time when we’re home and follows me around and cries when I put him down. Hey I wanted a mama’s boy! #icreatedthismonster

He’s got a great appetite and loves to eat. Breakfast is typically dry cereal, yogurt and fruit. He eats most of whatever the school provides for lunch and has most nights has pasta, chicken and a pouch for dinner.

He’s a stellar sleeper. In bed by 7, up for the day by 5:30/6:00. He generally naps for 2 1/2 hours at school and longer on the weekends. I learned the other day that an overtired Greyson is no one’s friend. He only napped for an hour and a half and lost his mind from around 9:15 to 11. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen often.

He loves to run and tries to hop (cutest thing ever) and is a big fan of dancing. Either with a partner or without. (I’m already arranging his wedding with the delightful Vivan from daycare)

He is super silly, loves peek a boo (Where’s Greyson), his tool bench, knocking things over, and “reading” books.

He’s got a mouth full of teeth and delights in brushing them with his electric toothbrush. He’s in 18-24 month clothes, size 5 shoe and size 5 diaper.

Happiest Bug on the Block.


Holidays 2016

Well hello there! I know. I’m way behind in this post but better late than never, right?

Is it me, or did the holidays fly by at warp speed this year?? Wow. And while they were filled with a bit of ickiness (most of our family had the stomach flu, a cold or both), they certainly were wonderful.


Rather than give you a play by play, daily recap…I’m just gonna put together a mish mash of highlights.

Pre-Christmas – I was off on the 22nd and 23rd

Jarrad and I hit up the Strip District for our holiday food essentials. Penn Mac was insane, Parma was delightfully empty, and Wholeys was a seafood lovers piece of heaven.

This should say Wholey’s (stupid autocorrect)

We had lots of snuggles and shennigans


Peek a boo is still a big deal

img_0047  img_0046


More snuggles

Lots of Elf

While decorating the tree (new family tradition)

Christmas Eve…all the food


Grandma and Papa stayed with us for almost 3 fantabulous weeks! And even better, they’re moving to Pittsburgh in February.

Christmas Day – Santa was here!

So was Aunt Stephanie!

They didn’t quite get the concept of Santa but presents…oh they understood presents.

Our Christmas was definitely Merry & Bright

New Years Eve.

The kids fancied up and we went to the Lawrence’s to close out 2016. Guess who was kinda over pictures at this point?

Fynnlee was ok posing in her party dress.

But Greyson, oh Greyson. Over it!

He was fine when we reached our destination because…ya know. Trains.

It was a quick visit but I love my ladies.

Jerry and I put the kiddos to bed and hit the town. Dinner at Hyde Park was lovely and we managed to stay up until 12:30 and kiss at midnight. That hasn’t happened in at least 3 years!

This post doesn’t do our holiday season justice. Despite the sickness, we cherished every moment.

We are so excited for you, 2017!

Life lately – Greyson

So we’re halfway to 20 months…I know! I may not do anymore monthly updates. Just some life lately posts on the kids when the mood strikes. And then a big update when they turn 2. In four months.

In case you missed that…THEY WILL BE TWO IN FOUR MONTHS! Ugh.

So my little Greyson. Happiest bug on the planet. Still.

And the most ticklish. Every part of this kid is ticklish!

And if Fynnlee is obsessed with her boat, Greyson is obsessed with this toy bench.

Try to tear him away from it to leave at the end of the day.

There are so many tears.

A few notes about Bug at 19 months.

#1 He sleeps until around 5:15/5:30 every day. He loves to sleep. He’ll take a nice 2-3 hour nap too. He needs to have a talk with is sister.

#2 His speech is developing more and more every day. He still likes to just yell but we’re encouraging him to use his words. He also has OH. NO! on repeat. He also likes Duck (Guck), More (Moe) and Papa (Pa PA!)

#3 He will eat a few more things than Fynnlee…strawberries, bananas, PB&J, mac & cheese and sometimes chicken. And lots of milk. He’s pretty much over yogurt melts.

Oh he loves to read. Books are life.

And he’s into everything.  He loves opening every cabinet he can find. And then shutting the door. Shutting doors is his favorite thing ever!

He loves dumping out the toy bins and when he’s mad, he throws stuff.

He will play with Legos for hours (Fynnlee is the same way) and he is getting really good at putting them away.

He is the sweetest, smartest, most amazing little guy. And he’s become quite the Mama’s boy…just like I planned.

You are my Sunshine, Greyson Paul.

You make me happy every single day. Muah!

Life lately – Fynnlee

I sort of missed doing a 19 month update on the kids. I’m not sure why, but I just didn’t feel like it.

Really, Mom?

There are a few things I’d like to note about Squish at 19 months, just so I don’t forget.

#1 This sweet little jellybean wakes up every. single. day. at 4:15. Every day. Happy as all get out. Ready to start her day.

Don’t you DARE complain about how your kid is waking up at the ungodly hour of 6:00 am. I will happily take your early riser for a few days.

#2 She has decided she can exist on veggie straws, buttered noodles, yogurt and milk. And pouches, sometimes. I’ve stopped fighting it. It is what it is.

#3. Uh-oh has been replaced by Oh No as her favorite thing to say. And that would be said in two sentences. Oh. NO!

Her vocabulary has actually exploded…most of which I can’t decipher, but she jabbers all day.

#4 She is obsessed with this boat.


Like REALLY obsessed.

She does not like to share it.

But will with her brother. Usually under protest.

She’s smart and loves to draw.

She loves to read.

She loves to help. Actually she wants to do it herself.

She’s sweet. And Sassy. And so, so lovable.

She’s pretty much perfect. Well, except for the sleep thing.

Fa la la la LAAAAA

The holiday spirit is in full swing in our little neck of the woods. I’m going to tell you all about what fun we’ve been having, but first…

STOP IT! Look at these two. I can’t even….

So we went to the Christmas tree farm on the coldest day we’ve had in 9 months. Brrr…the kids are still a little young to get into this fun activity.

Actually, they were pretty miserable.

But we got a beauty. We’ve only put the non-breakable ornaments on the tree for now…little hands have been Grabby McGrabbers. Will add the rest closer to the big day.


Christmas tree hunting was followed by Mad Mexing.

For a Mexican joint, they have great waffle fries.

Oh yeah.

With winter finally showing up, we’ve done lots of snuggling while watching Twice Upon a Mickey Christmas (87293 times)

Sometimes with our eyes closed.

We’ve decorated the heck out of our little townhouse. Jerry’s massive wreath has finally found it’s home.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas.

We had breakfast with Santa. One little girl couldn’t get away from him fast enough.

We managed to get one decent shot.

Daddy & Greyson too Jacob to Lather to get beautiful for the holidays. And then spent the day watching football.

While Fynnlee, Grammy and I hit the mall for a girls shopping trip!

Fa la la la la, la la, la, LA!!

Thanksgiving 2016

Wow, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted an update on these two little hooligans. Who turn 19 months today. Good grief…where are the days going?

So let’s recap our Thanksgiving 2016. It was a wonderfully relaxing, yet fun-filled 4 days spent at home. Actually, it didn’t start out so great as Fynnlee woke up on Wednesday morning around 1:30 screaming her head off. She proceeded to cry for the next 3 hours so I worked from home and made her a doctor’s appointment. It was an ear infection for my favorite little princess and I’m glad we caught it early.

We were all so excited that Aunt Stephanie was going to spend the holiday with us and she arrived just in time for me to run out and pick up Greyson from daycare.

And she brought new books!!


She had a very captive audience.


The kiddos slept until 5:15 on Thursday morning, which is pretty much unheard of these days. I let Steph and Jerry sleep and got some extra snuggles while we watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (All MMC, all the time)


Thursday morning was spent prepping food for the big Turkey Day dinner. When the kids woke up from their afternoon nap, we loaded them in the car and headed over to my brother’s house for our feast!

Aunt Katie was nice enough to make pasta for the kids (mine wouldn’t touch a single Thanksgiving morsel…not even the corn).


But the grown-ups were treated to all of the fixings.


Aunt Katie and Uncle Kevin made an awesome turkey, fluffy mashed potatoes and brussell sprouts with bacon. I brought the stuffing, spoon cornbread and some shrimp for appetizers.


And Stephanie and Jerry made this amazing Apple pie. It was so delicious!


The kids played and the adults chatted and we wrapped up the night around 7:00. We changed the kids into their jammies before we left. I can’t wait until these cousins can have sleepovers! They are the cutest.


On Friday, Jerry had to work so Stephanie & I (mostly Stephanie…I observed) made Party Mix for the holidays. It’s like homemade Chex Mix with the volume turned WAY up. This stuff is so addicting and is an original family tradition. We even had it at our wedding!


Around 4:00 we drove to Beaver for Light Up Night. We stopped at Mario’s Woodfired Pizzeria  for some dinner first.


The kids had buttered noodles for dinner.




Our friends at The Luckey Agency always host an awesome open house so we stopped by to say hello before walking around the little town a bit.


It was pretty chilly and the kids are still a bit young to stay awake for the parade but we enjoyed getting out for a bit. And it definitely put us in the holiday spirit!

Our fridge broke on Saturday so we spent most of Sunday waiting around for the repair guy. Our stupid refrigerator is only 2 years old! BTW, the repair man said they get the least amount of calls on Frigidaire appliances.

I’ve fallen behind on school time updates so you’re just going to have to settle for a big photo dump.

img_6483 img_6482 img_6489 img_6490 img_6488 img_6485 img_6432 img_6443 img_6452 img_6427img_6430 img_6444  img_6433 img_6454 img_6459 img_6461img_6431 img_6437 img_6453 img_6438 img_6441 img_6451

We’re getting our tree this weekend! And the rest of the decorations will go up. We have Frosty, Rudolph, The Grinch and MMC Santa in the DVR. Bring on the holiday spirit!!